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CO2 Gas Canister, 60L CO2 Cylinder Made by Glacierfresh

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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I have had the Glacierfresh Sparkin Sodamaker for only a couple of weeks but thoroughly enjoyed it. The cartridge arrived a week or so after the Sodamaker so I wasn't able to use it right away but it is easy to use and the cold drinks have been really nice on these hot summer days. I look forward to many more refreshing moments this summer with the Sparkin Soadamaker.

— Mike W

I recently purchased the Sparkin cold soda maker and I have to say, I'm thoroughly impressed! As a barista, I always love to experiment with new drinks and cocktails, and the Sparkin has allowed me to take my creations to the next level.

— James

Healthy Fizzy Drinks in Seconds with Sodaology! Homemade soda at your fingertips. Healthy soda drinks in 10 seconds.

— Spicy Apron

This soda water machine is amazing! It not only makes delicious soda water, but also keeps it cold and carbonated. The best part is that it is so easy to use and clean. I highly recommend it.

— Carla

Origin and Development

We founded in 2021 with one goal: to make fresh, healthy soda accessible to everyone. We have engineered superior technology, unique way to Infuse co2 from the bottom of Sodaology soda maker, which achieves better solubility than injecting from the top, thus carbonizing water longer to make effervescent bubbles.

At the same time, based on user needs and market peer surveys, we may be able to create a soda machine that can cool down. if so, our customers will have a better experience in summer, so we launched the project in April 2022. Sparkin cold soda maker is officially launched in Dec, 2022.

Who We Are

Sparkin™ and Sodaology™ are two soda machine brands owned by Glacierfresh, representing different drinking lifestyles. SPARKIN represents our breakthrough in the traditional soda machine manufacturing industry. Based on the fact that more and more people like iced drinks, we developed the first soda machine that can be cooled and refrigerated. In comparison, Sodaology is relatively mediocre but affordable. The structure of the inflator and bottle is also more convenient for people to customize their creations, and different flavors of accessories or fruits can be added to mix with soda water. Whatever, We advocate environmental protection, healthy lifestyle and mixology research, and look forward to continuing to pass these concepts on to our customers.