glacierfresh co2
CO2 Gas Canister, 60L CO2 Cylinder Made by Glacierfresh

Packs: 1 Count

glacierfresh co2

Simple & Easy to Use

The best choice for sparkin cold soda maker or sodaology.

Healthier and tastier

Carbonate any liquid - water, juice, sweet tea, wine, cocktails, and more

60L Co2 Carbonator

Co2 cylinders are designed with double valves for safety and no air leakage

Compatible models

Compatible with SodaStream, DrinkMate, Aarke, Philips, Sodaology, Glacierfresh sparkin and more. please note: Soda Stream cylinders come in 2 types. NOT compatible with Pink, Terra and Art cylinders.


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Is it safe to have carbonating cylinders in my home and how should they be stored?

Glacierfresh CO2 cylinders are completely safe to use at home. They are manufactured to strict safety specifications to protect our consumers. Our cylinders are specially equipped with a safety valve that will release the gas harmlessly in the unlikely event that the pressure within the carbonated cylinder rises above a threshold level. Make sure to always store CO2 cylinders in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight. Carbonating bottles should not be exposed to heat (such as when traveling in the trunk of a car for extended periods of time) or placed next to a heat source such as an oven, stove, or fireplace.

Will my carbonating cylinder expire?

While the gas in the CO2 cylinder does not expire, our cylinders need to be checked for quality assurance purposes by a certain date, which can be found at the bottom of cylinder. For best use, we recommend storing your cylinder at room temperature.

What are your CO cylinders made from?

The body of our CO2 cylinders is aluminum and the valve is brass. Enjoy the durability of our cylinders!

What is your return policy?

We support 30-day money back, If the product is damaged during transportation, we support free returns and exchanges. please read our return policy get more details.

How do I know if my CO2 cylinder is empty?

If you are not getting bubbles, and not hear fizz, you may be out of CO2 - You can get a new cylinder