sodaology soda machine
Sodaology AllFizz Soda Maker, Soda Machine for Home

Gas Fills from the Bottom

Experience the unique innovation of Sodaology's AllFizz beverage maker, where carbonation takes a whole new approach. With our groundbreaking feature of bottom-up CO2 fills, you can now enjoy the perfect carbonated blend with even the smallest amounts of liquid. No matter the quantity, your desire for rich, effervescent flavors will be fully satisfied.

Easy to Clean

Discover the ultimate convenience of cleaning with Sodaology's AllFizz beverage maker. Our innovative design features detachable carbonated bottles at the top and bottom, making the cleaning process a breeze.With the easy-to-remove bottles, you can effortlessly access every nook and cranny, ensuring a thorough cleaning.

Unlimited Fruit & Drink Options

You can carbonate any beverage you want with the Sodaology soda fountain machine. Would you like to add a little sparkle to your morning orange juice or a little carbonation to your evening cocktail? AllFizz makes it easy to satisfy your every flavor need. Try carbonating your iced coffee or iced tea, and since AllFizz comes in a jar, you can even add fresh fruit and ice cubes for an energizing, healthy and satisfying juice combo

Sparkling Water Taste

If you can imagine it, you can taste it with Sodaology’s innovative carbonated drink, AllFizz Sparkling Soda Machine. AllFizz makes delicious drinks taste better without being flavored Carbonation makes your taste buds bloom. When you carbonize with AllFizz, the flavor is Original and natural, the highest quality carbonated water on the market today.


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How long does this drink stay carbonated if I keep the cap on the bottle?

It depends upon how full the bottle is and how much you carbonate it. If the bottle is close to full with liquid and is adequately carbonated, it should stay carbonated well for a longer time.

I am new to this.What is the difference between this "One-touch" and "All Fizz"?

Both products can be used to make soda water, one is manual and the other is automatic. The "All Fizz" one is manual product of Sodaology and no plug in is needed to activate it and it can be carried anywhere if you are up for a trip or want to travel on a regular basis, this one is for you.

How to use it?

Sodaology's sparkling water machine is simple to operate, just insert the water bottle into the machine, press the button and make sparkling water. Compared to buying bottled sparkling water, it provides a more convenient solution to making fresh sparkling water at home anytime.

What is your return policy?

We support 30-day money back, If the product is damaged during transportation, we support free returns and exchanges. please read our return policy get more details.