soda machine
Glacierfresh Cold Soda Machine for Home with 6 CO2 Gas Cylinder

Meet USA's First Cold Soda Maker

Make cold seltzer water in seconds! Easy one-hand operation, just press the rocker, then it will fizz, and pour! A glass of refreshing ice-cold soda water is completed.

Extensive Compatibility

The Sparkin™ Cold Soda Maker uses a standard 60L threaded gas canister and is compatible with SodaStream, sodasense, and other brands of 60L threaded gas canisters

Equipment Structure

Powered by electricity, the carbonation machine Equipped with powerful efficient compressor and carbonator, fast heat dissipation system also cool the water to 6-8℃ (42.8 F°-46.4°F) and keep it. And with 1.6L stand-by water storage , you can drink the perfect soda at any time without waiting. And automatic pressure relief device can ensure that the CO2 will not be too much and ensure the safety of users.

Cool and Refreshing Taste

The carbonated water machine is committed to providing people with the most perfect taste of soda water, with a temperature of 42.8°F-46.4°F and a carbonation concentration of 5-7gr/L, stimulating sensitive tongues to feel cool and simple bubbles Water provides you with a sophisticated living experience.


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How long does one CO2 cylinder last?

Typically, a cylinder will last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. A 14.5oz (60L) tank can carbonate approximately 60 liters, depending on the desired level of carbonation.

Where can I purchase new CO2 gas canisters

You can purchase them directly from this site. just search CO2, or click here. there are options for purchasing gas canisters alone, such as "1 CO2 Gas Canister" or "2 CO2 Gas Canisters".

How long will it take to ship to me?

It will take 2-8 days to delivery. Please see our shipping policy for specific details

Does the water tank is washable? Is it dishwasher safe?

The water tank is not dishwasher safe but it is suitable to wash by hand. As long as you use filtered water, there is little to no need for washing.

Can I control the temperature of the soda?

You may determine the desired temperature based on the duration of cooling. For example, if the initial water temperature is 25°C, it will typically take 80 minutes to cool to 6°C.

What is the maximum height of the cup that can be used to pour cold soda?

The maximum height is 14.5 cm (5.7 inches).